MuBdI Platform is Platform for Blockchain

MuBdI Network is faster used ASA Technology. ASA is Artificial System Automatically. While you sleep no trouble with your blockchain. The Number One Platform.

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First Vector Graphic
ASA Technology And MuBdI team from Nur1Labs. Ltd

MuBdI growth by Nur1Labs Team On Last June Of ASA Impementation Nur1Labs Team doing best for engine Easy Used, Friendly And Faster for blokchain Network.

As fast as light speed technology implemented may 2018 and concept may 2019. ASA make replace by Old VLB system. ASA Stable as new Version MuBdI growth. We growth by time and keep improved for our clients.

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Central Nodes The PowerFull Nodes

Central Nodes time by time will replace Masternodes and Nodes Function as great feature inside. On MuBdI System.

  • Faster Like Light

    Faster as light. The MuBdI protocol used faster route to found/produced block by central nodes.

  • Gowth On Maping Network

    Time by time Network Under MuBdI growth. With More Scale than Etherium + No Lagging Of Network Transaction.

  • Autoconfigure Consensus

    Consensus Now is autoconfigure and faster than before. This thanks to MuBdI secure protocol run up and code upgraded.


Frequently Asked Questions

This Question For People Who Already Ask on Support Mailing.

MuBdI About

MuBdI is Platform where you can easy used by anything for blockchain purposed. MuBdI called can faster swap platform for Owner/Client easy manage.

MuBdI has powerfull engine by Nur1Labs.Ltd and keep support even growth by year assuming. MuBdI will follow up next technology in Used for Blockchain.

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First Common Question

I have Ethereum and the platfom used now can be fasting swap?.

Yes that faster than you can see. 1 Hour can Swap that.

Second Question Asked

It's Big Cost for swap platform.

No If you startup. You can Faster. Cause MuBdI is faster by time and cheap on swapping.

Third Question Asked

I wanna build by some medical for blokchain. can we used even goverment will used that.

We Open to all Even Goverment used our technology. But remember no politic between us :).

Fourth Question Asked

Is this token made different than Etherium?.

Yes we have different as we allowed many On Main can have more sub-chain below.

Fifth Question Asked

How Much long confirm this blockchain platform.

That up to client recomended for confirmed the block run up. Then we can put the spec for member here.

Sixth Question Asked

If this some owner abadoned the project can they feedback of the investor losting.

We do try if we can reach the owner. Or we can force back if New Owner already available.